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PartMaster Software is a standalone product that lets the user create ‘Parts’ with whatever machining they require.

Parts can be as simple or as complex as you like, for example, you can create a rectangle with a Width and Height (pretty simple) or you can make a complex shape with 10 different points to make a complex shaped part. Either way, it’s now completely up to you!

This simple to complex system follows on with adding machining to a part, be it drilling a single hole or completely filling a sheet with holes for acoustic panelling.

With the simple to use formula editor, you can create formulas that control many aspects of your parts, such has drill hole offsets (e.g. if you want to create cabinet parts and offset hinge holes, then formula would be “PartHeight – 84mm” ) or centre a series of slots to create slat wall, then the formula could be “PartWidth / 2”. It’s all pretty simple now.

Now the really exciting area, you can create your own variables that can get used through out the product and get referenced in your formulas to create fully parametric parts.

PartMaster is an extremely flexible yet still simple to use product hat will allow to to create a full range of ‘Parts’ that you can save to your library for later use.

PartMaster Software is the product them lets you easily create that ‘Part’ that isn’t quite so easy in your current CAD /  Design program.

Or for customers that need to create more complex parts but still require full parametrics and adjustments that you just can’t get from a CAD program.

PartMaster will allow you to easier create these parts, with parametric formulas that are easy to create with the built in Formula Editor.

You don’t need to be a mathematician, the variables are listed there for yo in the editor.


  • Simple to Use, Easy to Learn

  • Create Parametric Parts

  • Built in Formula editor

  • Create your own Variables

  • Save to your library for later use

  • Export DXF’s for Machining

  • World class support!

Part Master

PartMaster Software

  • Cancel any time!
  • Creates a DXF File per part
  • Includes 4 hours training
  • 1 off Setup fee US$400

PartMaster + EzyNest

  • Cancel any time!
  • Includes machine link setup
  • Includes 4 Hours + CNC Link
  • 1 off Setup fee US$995
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