Simple to use, easy to learn. 1 Minute Kitchen Don't believe us? Check out the 1 minute kitchen. (Actual CabMaster photo render)

“All things are created twice” – Dr Stephen Covey

Doctor Covey famously referring to the idea that nothing can become real unless imagined first.

But imagination and creativity isn’t enough, you also have to translate your vision for your clients project into a visual presentation they can connect with.

CabMaster Kitchen Design software gives you the tools you need to rapidly convert your vision into a 3D photo quality render for presentation to your clients.

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OK, so I’ve got a great kitchen design. Now what?

Well, now you make it. CabMaster Kitchen Manufacturing software features full integration with ATP software to talk to your machine. Just press F8. That’s all. F8. Now your machine has all the G-Code it needs to turn that great kitchen idea into parts ready for assembly. We can even stick the labels on. You know, just to make it easy.

Like to know more about CabMaster “Manufacturing” software and how it had transform your workshop?

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