CabMaster Software (then ‘Quisine Software’) was first produced for a large joinery business called Barnsley Joinery as the solution to producing 120+ kitchens a week. This application ran on a PDP-11 “mini” computer that occupied rooms, running on an RSX (Digital Equipment Corporation “DEC”) in conjunction with Palette CAD system.


CabMaster was rewritten to transform the MS-DOS C system into the Microsoft Windows 32-bit environment.


CabMaster Software began broadening its offering to expand its capability of being the only true end-to-end process automation package.


CabMaster (still “Quisine” at this time) was the first application of its type that offered electronic commerce capabilities.


The 5th generation of CabMaster Design and Manufacturing Software was released to meet the evolving demands of the business community.


CabMaster launched its first design-only version of the software: DesignersMate. This product was targeted at the professional designer and those businesses that operate in the “built to order” catalogue market in the US.


CabMaster launched the first version of DoorMaster Software (then “Quisine Door Profiler”). This is a specialized package that meets the needs of the most demanding door manufacturers. The development effort was undertaken in conjunction with a business called Modern Form Doors.


CabMaster commenced to OEM its core technology to other software companies who were looking to complement their existing product offerings.


The Melbourne dealer of Quisine and a Melbourne CNC Salesperson entered into a partnership. Mike and Tony bought out QST Systems’ previous owners.

The first thing they noticed was a great lack of support for our customers. So, they moved the head office to Melbourne and rebuilt the business from the foundation.

To do this, we engaged a mix of tradespeople and IT people to broaden our industry experience.

By training our staff with such knowledge, it meant that we could more effectively assist our customers, from software and CNC installations to everyday support queries.

Through constant assessment of the ever-changing industry and client needs across the world, we rebranded our business under the banner of CabMaster Software.


CabMaster officially tripled our support staff and doubled our development team. And we’ve done so in an effort to get a better product to our customers in a quicker timeframe.


We are proudly one of the leading software providers servicing the woodworking and aluminium composite panel (ACP) fabrication industries. Our products are specifically designed for and used by customers in: cabinet making; shop fitting; robe / closet; bench / countertop; building and cladding; and signage and display industries.

Our products have a proven record with over 25 years of service.

As a result, the industry’s demand for a full production system is satisfied using our unparalleled products. With seamless integration from design to CNC machine.


Our extensive development of our core product has enhanced our ability to produce specialized software tools for your specific needs.

CabMaster Software is central to the cabinet making industry.

Additionally, we have a range of specialist packages including PartMaster, DoorMaster, ShapeMaster and BoxMaster, along with more variants in development.

Our team at CabMaster and our international partners are fully committed to our customers. So, we aim to make your upgrade path to our top products as smooth as possible.


Our staff motto is “How can we help?”. This is because the aim of our software is to make the day-to-day design and manufacturing job process easier for our users.

The most significant difference our users notice when starting with CabMaster Software is just how easy it is to create new cabinet designs.

Because with our cabinet libraries, you the user can completely modify style types through our easy-to-understand friendly pages.

Further, you can save unique cabinet constructions in our advanced packages. This means you can create your own cabinet designs without needing programming skills – our software will do the complicated background stuff for you. All of the construction methods that we’ve encountered to date have also been incorporated. And for users with advanced script writing abilities, the core code development module is available for your use.

We regularly conduct testing with advanced users and receive outstanding results.

Our users enjoy how easy our software is to use and the independence they have gained. In addition, we’ve developed training modules to bring your new design and production staff up to speed with step-by-step exercises and achievement standards.

We are happy with how many businesses we’ve helped so far, and we are eager to help your production run smoothly, too. So, we suggest you give our team a call and try our service out for yourself.

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