About CabMaster Software

In March 2006 QST Systems Pty Ltd acquired the distribution, servicing, and marketing rights to the Quisine product range.

A thorough assessment of industry developments and client needs in Australia, New Zealand and the USA has led to a re-presentation of the range under the banner of CabMaster Software.

As one of the leading software products servicing the woodworking and ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) fabrication industries. Our products are designed for specific industry requirements and used in the cabinet, Shop fitting, Robe, Bench / Countertop, Building and cladding industries as well as the Signage and display industries.

Our products have a proven record with over 25 years of service. The need for a full production system with the requirement of seamless integration from Design to CNC Machine, in one easy flow is unparalleled using our products.

Extensive development of the core product has enhanced the ability to produce specialised software tools for specific industry requirements.

Central to the cabinet making industry is CabMaster Software, with additional specialist packages TopMaster, DoorMaster, ShapeMaster (aluminium composite panelling)and BoxMaster (cardboard box manufacturing), ready for market and more variants currently in development. CabMaster and its international partners are fully committed to their customers to provide a progressive and smooth transition into the upgraded product range.

The most significant difference noticed by the user is the reduced need for high level support to provide new cabinet designs, with the cabinet libraries undergoing a complete revision into style types which the user can then modify extensively through easy-to-use friendly pages.

In advanced levels of the programme these can be saved as unique cabinet constructions, giving unparalleled ability to develop cabinet designs without the need for advanced programming skills. All the construction methods encountered to date have been incorporated, and for those with the ability to write script at an advanced level the core code development module remains available. The upgrade path from basic design modules through to full reporting, machining and production planning capability is now seamless and straightforward.

Continual industry testing in advanced user sites has been conducted regularly with outstanding results. Users enjoy the ease of use and independence gained, and with the widespread product standardisation now available updates and enhancements will be easily applied industry wide. Training modules have been developed enabling new production staff to be brought up to speed in-house through a series of step-by-step exercises and achievement standards.

Then in February 2012, the Melbourne dealer of CabMaster and a Melbourne CNC Salesperson decided to go into partnership and buy out the previous owners of QST Systems Pty Ltd as they could see their was a great lack of effective support staff, so we moved the head office to Melbourne and rebuilt. This time, we engaged both tradespeople and IT people and trained them with industry knowledge so they could more effectively assist our customers with all facets of our business. From Software installations and CNC installations to everyday support and design issues that may arise. We have now tripled the support staff and doubled the development team in an effort to get a better product to our customers in a quicker timeframe.

We are very happy with how our product and team is building up and suggest you give them a call and try our service some time