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DoorMaster Lite allows users of CabMaster Premium to manufacture doors. A collection of over 30 profiles are available. You don’t have to buy all the profiles, only the ones you want.

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Panel Estimator (full)

Already included in CabMaster Designer Pro and available as an add-on for CabMaster Designer CL, Panel Estimator optimises your parts onto a pre set sheet size for panel saw manufacturing.

This add-on gives all the information on the one page for each sheet with an image of the optimised parts and a cutting list to suit.

CabMaster Optimization Link

Available as an Add-on item for CabMaster Designer Pro or Machining Premium, Opti-Link exports the necessary information required to link up with Beam Saws.

OptiLink has the ability to create the correct type of exported file required to suit the saw optimization software package you are working with. Such as ARDIS or OptiSave etc

OptiLink outputs data from your CabMaster drawing to a range of 3rd party Optimization Softwares.

CabMaster Lock Protection

Lock Protection is available to our customers who require protection against the expense of purchasing new license(s) in the event of a hardware lock being lost, stolen or otherwise unavailable (fire etc).

After notification to “CabMaster Software” that any of these circumstances has occurred, for the small price of a replacement hardware lock, any “CabMaster Software” package that was on the original lock will be reproduced and couriered promptly to your business, to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

CabMaster Lock Protection

CabMaster Developer is the core product that our internal developers use to create the CabMaster range of Libraries in our complete product line up.

CabMaster Developer is available for CabMaster Designer Pro and CabMaster Machining Premium as well as ShapeMaster.

CabMaster Developer opens all the features inside CabMaster, to allow you to modify an existing library or create a new one from scratch.

You have complete access to all formulas for the version level you have, to create new cabinet shapes and designs. When Developer is added to Machining Premium or ShapeMaster you also have control of all the machining and how it interacts with all the parts of the cabinets you have created.

Developer Tools
CabMaster Developer comes with it’s own unique range of developer tools for creating page layouts, such as the “Friendly Page Editor” that lets you place and move questions, drop-downs, buttons and more on each page or more detailed export functions with the export editor.

With CabMaster Developer, you can literally create new libraries that aren’t just simple cabinets and find out what CabMaster really can do for your business.

CabMaster Automation Server 1

CabMaster Automation Server has been designed to “Automate” a range of tasks in larger company that are time consuming or unnecessary during the regular workday to help increase productivity.

Automation Server lets you batch jobs together for processing, then it can run specific tasks such as printing reports, outputting machining and even running other programs at a set time of day or night.

Instead of each individual designer output machining and cutting lists and hardware reports for each drawing, let Automation Server run these tasks after hours to greatly increase designing productivity. Then production staff can start work the next day with all jobs printed, exported and ready to go.

CabMaster Automation Server, your after hours Automated Production Assistant.

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