Grid Rotation in Universal Cabinets

One of CabMaster’s flexible features is the ability to rotate the grid in any Universal cabinet. This feature is great for a diagonal wine or towel rack.

Not only can you choose the exact angle of the grid rotation, but you can also turn each part in the grid on and off. This makes custom CabMaster jobs even easier!

Add some different coloured edging to the grid and you’ve got a unique cabinet design. Just take a look at the image below.

Diagonal Wine Rack Angled Shelves in Cabinet 2

Angled Wine Rack Assembly Report

Since the grid feature has so many parts, we recommend using the Assembly Report when putting the pieces together.

You can generate your own Assembly Report by simply selecting the Wine Rack Assembly Report under Reports > Assembly Reports.

This report can also be used for any wine rack that is not angled.

Wine Rack Cabinet Assembly Report

Want to know more about our Universal Grid? Click the buttons below to watch our video and read out HowTo document!

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