Edge Pulls – New Feature Build 70

One of our new features in CabMaster Build 70 Premium library is the ability to design and manufacture Edge Pulls (J Pulls).

Edge Pulls are the routing along (and into) the edge of a door or drawer front that acts as a ‘handle’ to open it.  There are a variety styles/names (for example ‘J Pulls’ or ‘C Pulls’) which can be placed on any edge (or multiple edges) of a door/drawer front.  They may or may not extend the full length of the edge.

Currently the following DoorMaster LT doors include the ability to add Edge Pulls:

  • Series 3 Style 6 – A plain edge profiled door with the ability to add Edge Pulls on any side.

For more info on DoorMaster LT doors, contact your local sales consultant.

Want to learn more about Edge Pulls in CabMaster? Click the button below to read our HowTo from our online Library Users Guide.

Still have questions? No worries! You can directly contact CabMaster Support via email, phone or our website chat. We are ready to help you anytime from 7am – 5pm weekdays.

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