CabMaster Software System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

i5 Processor
Windows 10 Operating System
8 Gig Of Ram
5 Gb Free Hard Disk Space
Full Open GL Support Video Card

Recommended Specifications

i7 Processor
Windows 10 Operating System
16 Gig Of Ram Or More
1 Tb Free Hard Disk Space
nVidia Cuda enabled Video Card
We use nVidia GTX750Ti Cards with our testing.

For Cuda Card information, follow link below and select “CUDA-Enabled GeForce Products”.  A video card with CUDA capability of 3 or more is recommended
nVidia card informationClick Here for more info…

Note for Apple Mac computers

CabMaster runs on the Windows Operating system. However, it can be used on an Apple Mac computer where a windows environment (such as “Bootcamp”) has been installed. CabMaster Software does not provide technical support of Bootcamp or other emulators, only for the CabMaster Software.

CabMaster Hardware Requirements