Customer Care Agreement

Purpose and Scope

CabMaster Software makes available a “Customer Care Agreement” which provides customers with regular software updates and technical support. To receive software updates or technical support customers must have a fully paid and valid Customer Care Agreement in place.

The purpose of this agreement is define the scope and limitations of the CabMaster “Customer Care Agreement”.


Your Customer Care agreement provides regular software updates to ensure that your software keeps up with industry standards and requirements, updates to cater to customer feature requests and fixes to reported issues released during this period. Your agreement also gives you access to our support team. CabMaster Software Support service is an added benefit to ensure that all CabMaster Software customers have access to personalized help to resolve any problems relating to the full and correct operation of the Software product sold by CabMaster Software and its dealers. Customers wanting to use this service must have a fully paid and valid Customer Care Agreement which means that an annual renewal for Customer Care must be purchased on a continuous basis. Pricing is subject to an annual review.

Customer Care Agreements are renewed annually. Payments may be made monthly but the contract is for a full 12 month period and the entire annual agreement amount must be paid.

EzyNest/Enroute upgrades are NOT covered by this agreement. However, technical support is provided to EzyNest/Enroute customers who have valid Customer Care Agreements for those products.

Application and Library Software Updates

Application and library updates are scheduled for release four (4) times per year. Typically during each February, May, August and November. These updates usually include new features, bug fixes, requested cabinet features and new hardware updates. Updates are made available to customers with fully paid and valid Customer Care Agreements. Customers are notified of available updates as each release cycle is introduced.

Support Service

This service will deal with matters that relate to:

  • Software application issues
  • Library issues, excluding custom built libraries
  • Hardware locks issues, excluding damaged locks
  • Cloud (online) lock issues
  • Updates and releases for products covered by your Customer Care Agreement

Matters relating to new purchases or other areas not in the Customer Care domain should be dealt with by your CabMaster Software Product Consultant. This includes Lock Protection Agreements which relates to protection for licenses that are lost, stolen or otherwise becomes unavailable and is only provided under a separate agreement if a current Customer Care Agreement is held. Requests for new features will be looked at with the view to keeping our software product up with industry standards and requirements but are NOT guaranteed. If the feature required is a priority, then the customer has the option to purchase.

EzyNest / EnRoute

Customer Care Agreements do NOT include upgrades for EzyNest/Enroute. If an up to date version of EzyNest/EnRoute is required to resolve a support issue then this will have to be purchased separately. Discuss this with your Product Consultant.


Our support consultants will be available during the times from 5:00am to 5.00pm AEST Monday to Friday, unless due to situations outside our control. Service availability may deviate from stated hours due to downtime for systems and server maintenance and observed Australian public holidays.

CabMaster Software cannot guarantee that you will not experience delays when trying to reach our support consultants due to high load periods which directly affect call volumes and hence response time.

Response Time

The Support Team will prioritize requests and will strive to resolve the problem within a reasonable time frame. Actual resolutions may be shorter or longer depending on the volume and complexity of requests at any one time.

CabMaster Software, will ensure that any request for support has been received by the support team and replied to as soon as possible. If an issue cannot be resolved immediately the customer will receive updates on the ETA for a solution.

Our objective is to respond to incoming support requests as they come in, however, this is not always possible. For requests that are not answered immediately, our objective is to respond within 4 business hours.

If your issue is urgent (ie impacting production) please ensure that you refer to this in your request so that we can prioritize our response accordingly. Please note that abuse of this priority will result in a customers account being marked as “Not For Priority”.


Enquiries are limited to the following:

  • CabMaster, DoorMaster, ShapeMaster, TopMaster, Panel Estimator and EzyNest usability and functionality.
  • Installation and update assistance.
  • Issues resulting from the usage of our latest library and application releases for CabMaster Software and latest version release of EzyNest/EnRoute software.
  • Reporting issues when using reports supplied by CabMaster Software.

Areas NOT covered include:

  • Malfunction issues caused by third party hardware or software.
  • Any CabMaster Software or EzyNest/EnRoute product that is not on the latest version release.
  • Replacement locks where 1) the original lock cannot be returned, and/or 2) the installation is not on the current version of the software, and/or 3) a valid and fully paid Customer Care Agreement is not in place.  If these conditions are met then replacement locks will be available for a fee, subject to the terms outlined in the CabMaster Software End User Agreement entered upon at time of installation of product. (Enquire about our Customer Care Lock Protection service.)
  • Application consulting, onsite consultation or training. (Each of these can be purchased separately)
  • Connectivity and networking problems.
  • Windows/Mac parallel setup (Note: ‘Bootcamp’ Windows setup on Mac is required for correct operation)
  • General enquiries about devices, such as CNC machines and/or beam saws, connected to software product supplied by CabMaster Software that are issues directly associated with the operation of such devices.

Classifying your query for these purposes will be made by our Support Consultant.

To receive Technical Support your CabMaster product installation must be on the latest major release. Updating to the latest release is included in the Customer Care Agreement.

Support Service Policies

  • CabMaster Software reserves the right to limit or terminate the support service to a customer who uses the service in an irregular, excessive, abusive or fraudulent manner.
  • CabMaster Software will not tolerate the use of profanity during telephone conversations and will terminate the call immediately in such circumstances.
  • Terms, conditions, support features, procedures, pricing and support availability are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • All warranties offered are supplied by the Software Manufacturers warranties and CabMaster Software are bound within its controls and constraints.

Added Benefits

For customers that have an active Customer Care Agreement, a 40% discount will be provided on subsequent licenses’ of same or lower value.

Requirement for Continuous Agreement

All Customer Care Agreements are renewed yearly. By arrangement, payments can be made monthly, however, the Agreement is for a 12 month period and users are liable for the full 12 months fees.

Users are required to maintain a continuous active agreement in order to receive support benefits.

In the event that the Agreement is not renewed, CabMaster Software will cease providing support, enhancements and updates for the product (NB: Enhancements and updates not applicable for EzyNest or EnRoute products).

If a customer wishes to restart a lapsed Customer Care Agreement, fees will be calculated from the last expiry date, capped at a maximum of two (2) years in arrears and one (1) year in advance.

Suspension of a lock

If a customer with multiple locks does not wish to renew a Customer Care Agreement on one or more of their locks, they may choose to suspend those locks under these conditions:

  1. Only “Cloud Licence” locks can be suspended. If you have a “HASP” (hardware) lock this must first be converted to a Cloud Lock for a fee of $280+GST.
  2. Hardware locks converted to Cloud locks must be returned to CabMaster Software or the Cloud lock may be disabled.
  3. Once the lock is suspended the software associated with that lock will no longer work and Customer Care fees are no longer payable on that lock. Any Customer Care fees payed in advance will be forfeited.

Re-enabling a suspended lock

A customer may re-enable a suspended lock under these conditions:

  1. Payment of the arrears Customer Care fees calculated back to the date of suspension. Arrears payments are capped at two (2) years.
  2. Customer Care fees for the re-enabled lock must be paid for the remainder of your current Customer Care contract cycle in order to bring the billing cycle in line with your current active Customer Care contract. This must be paid in full, in advance, not on a monthly payment basis.
  3. On payment of the outstanding balance, the lock will be re-enabled and our Support Team will upgrade the software to the latest version.

The most a customer can pay to re-enable a suspended lock is 3 years Agreement fees (ie 2 years capped in arrears and UPTO 1 year in advance).