Cabinet, closet and kitchen design software

Would you like a Personalised Demonstration?

Would you like a
Personalised Demonstration?

Cabinet Design Software

Plan and Elevations

The CabMaster Desginer Software range includes the ability to create Plan and Elevation Views.

This means that you can create multiple elevations per drawing and even per cabinet.

These elevations can also be enlarged to show more precise detail.

Plan and elevations are available in all CabMaster Designer products.

Cutting Lists

The cutting lists in the CabMaster Designer Software range can easily be created once your drawing is complete.

These reports can be configured in many different ways, such as for parts to suit cutting on a panel saw or for cabinets with parts for assembly.

It’s all up to you.

Cutting lists are available in CabMaster Designer CL & Pro versions.

CabMaster Cutting List | Cabinet Design Software
CabMaster Sample Render | CabMaster Designer Software

3D Renders

A simple 3D rendered view is included in CabMaster Designer Software.

In addition, an Advanced “Photoview” option is also available.

With Photoview you can create high quality 3D renders, therefore giving you an edge in design visualisation.

3D renders are available in all CabMaster Designer products.

Personalised Templates

Using CabMaster Software Designer products, you can create multiple personalised templates to suit your specific needs.

You can customise everything from simply your page size and company logo, to runner types and materials required.

Your template details can also include job number, customer details and a sign off section.

Personalised templates are available in all CabMaster Designer products.

CabMaster Template Sample | Cabinet Design Software
CabMaster Closet Render | Cabinet Design Software

Cabinetry, Closets & Vanities

CabMaster Designer Software isn’t just used for kitchen cabinetry.

Because you can create all different types of cabinetry.

You can design everything from complete built-in closets to vanities and of course, kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Cabinetry, closets and vanities are available in all CabMaster Designer products.

Panel Estimator

With Panel Estimator, you can generate a cutting layout from all your cabinetry parts for panel saws.

It will automatically separate material types and nest them in their correct groups.

In addition, you can manually move parts to and from the nest and move items around as required.

Panel estimator is available in CabMaster Designer Pro version.

Panel Estimator | Cabinet Design Software

1 Minute Kitchen Design Video

So how does the software work?

Well, here’s a real-time video. You can literally create a kitchen in 1 minute.

Ask yourself – what can CabMaster Designer Software do to reduce downtime for your business?

Want more information on the CabMaster Designer Software range?

Want more information on the CabMaster Designer Software range?

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    System Requirements

    Minimum Specifications

    • i5 Processor
    • Windows 10 Operating System
    • 8 Gig Of Ram
    • 5 Gb Free Hard Disk Space
    • Full Open GL Support Video Card

    Recommended Specifications

    • i7 Processor
    • Windows 10 Operating System
    • 16 Gig Of Ram Or More
    • 1 Tb Free Hard Disk Space
    • nVidia or AMD Video Card

    Note: We use nVidia Cards with our testing.

    System Requirements | CabMaster