Floor Multi Cabinet

Did you know? The Floor Multi Cabinet is similar to the Universal Cabinet with customisable sections of the cabinet.

But unlike the more flexible and detailed Universal Cabinet, the Floor Multi Cabinet is much easier to use.

First, select the number of divisions you want your Floor Multi Cabinet to have. These divisions are referred to as Area 1, Area 2, etc.

Next, simply choose from our standard configurations for each area, as seen in the image above.

TIP: If you want to view the standard configuration settings, just double-click on the configuration option you are using.

These basic settings include selecting drawer runner types and inputting area offsets. Once you have made your required changes, click “OK” to apply these changes.

Once you select a standard configuration, new pages will appear on the bottom of the cabinet menu as shown on the left in the image above. Here you can make more detailed adjustments to each area of the Floor Multi Cabinet, including materials, hardware, rails and more.

To learn more about the Floor Multi Cabinet, watch our video by clicking the button below!

Please note that this cabinet is available in the CabMaster Designer/Premium library.