It’s Official – Version 12 Out Now!

New 64-Bit Application

It’s official. CabMaster Version 12 is available in 64-bit application for cloud licenses.

What does this mean?

Previous versions of CabMaster Software had 32-bit application architecture, which means that it could only use up to 4GB of memory at once. Our new 64-bit Version 12 application can use up to 16 billion GB of memory. This gives us an insane amount of memory space and helps stabilize and optimize how CabMaster Software runs on your system.

Don’t have a cloud license yet?

Contact your local dealer to make the change from hardware USB to cloud licenses and step into the future now!

Benefits of cloud licenses:

  • Can’t damage or break a cloud license – you won’t accidentally put your cloud license in the washing machine because it was still in the back pocket of your pants
  • Better program stability – only our cloud licenses can run CabMaster Software as a 64-bit application (read more about 64-bit below)
  • Superior theft protection – if your computer is stolen, we can get you running again same day and minimise your loss of production
  • No more problems with forgetting to take your license home – our optional short timeout feature allows for your cloud license to automatically de-register from your work computer so you can continue working from home

Looking for more info before you make the change? Click the button below to read our PDF outlining the advantages and disadvantages of both USB hardware and cloud licenses, as well as the process involved in making the change.

Want to see what else is new in Version 12? Click the other button below.

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