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CabMaster Manufacturing One button "send to machine" Fewer "on floor" interventions Make it right, the first time Minimize rework Maximize machine time Faster production. Fewer errors.

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3D Kitchen Design and Manufacturing Software

OK, so you have designed the kitchen, finalised all the materials, met with the client, showed the photo realistic image of your creative work. They said yes.

Awesome! Now what?

Well, as soon as you are happy everything is ready to go, you just need to “process machining”. That’s it.

Now the software has nested all the parts and has told your machine what to make. And to put labels on (to make things extra easy).

Because business is tough and you need an edge

We all need a competitive advantage, right? Would it help your business if you could design your kitchens faster and more accurately and then give your customers a photo realistic 3D image of your creation to bring home the deal?

CabMaster Software is “simple to use, easy to learn”.

Get your designers up and designing faster than any other kitchen software available. Minimize the time spent in designing and maximize the time spent selling.

Get your jobs approved and out to machines faster than any other software. Improve accuracy, reduce rework and off machine work.

Bottom line; if you want to save time and money when designing and manufacturing kitchens, you need CabMaster Software®

Click on the image to hear Derek from Mr Cabinets talk about his story and the role that CabMaster Kitchen Design Software had in Mr Cabinets becoming one of Australia’s premier kitchen manufacturers

Some of the biggest names. And some of the smallest.

CabMaster is used by some of the biggest kitchen manufacturers around – and – by some of the smallest.

Whether you are 1-person design studio or a large kitchen manufacturer with CNC machines up the wazoo, you can benefit from the increase in productivity CabMaster provides.


  • Simple to use, easy to learn

  • Fastest training ramp up in the industry

  • Intuitive “drag and drop” designing

  • All the features of CabMaster Designer

  • Machine integration

  • Ultimate flexibility

  • World class support!!

  • Blum

  • Hafele

  • Elegant

  • Grass

  • Harn

  • Hettich

  • Lincoln Century

  • Caesarstone

  • Laminex

  • Nikpol

  • Polytec

  • Vero

  • Osborne

  • More, more, more . . .

Machining Basic

  • Cabinet List View
  • Pricing
  • Part labelling
  • Basic Cabinet Library
  • Basic Materials
  • Change materials per Drawing1
  • Change construction per Drawing
  • Generates layered DXF files per part

Machining Basic 3D

  • Cabinet List View
  • Pricing
  • Part labelling
  • Basic Cabinet Library
  • Basic Materials
  • Change materials per Drawing
  • Change construction per Drawing
  • Personalised Templates
  • Cutting Lists
  • Plan & Elevation Views
  • Basic 2D & 3D design
  • Generates layered DXF files per part

Machining Premium

  • Cabinet List View
  • Pricing & Quotations
  • Part labelling
  • Advanced Cabinet Library
  • Unlimited Materials
  • Change materials per Cabinet or Drawing
  • Change construction per Cabinet or Drawing
  • Personalised Templates
  • Cutting Lists
  • Plan & Elevation Views
  • Full 2D & 3D design
  • Integrated Nesting
  • Modify and save cabinets
  • Library Catalog Manager (LCM)
  • Panel Estimator
  • Multiple Libraries
  • Hardware Reports
  • Generates layered DXF files per part

CabMaster Premium

  • Cancel any time!
  • Creates a DXF File per part
  • Includes 4 hours training
  • 1 off Setup fee US$400

CabMaster Premium+EzyNest

  • Cancel any time!
  • Includes machine link setup
  • Includes 4 Hours + CNC Link
  • 1 off Setup fee US$995
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